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Gratemetal is one of India’s growing custom manufacturing & fabrication companies. Our business is focused on medium & high volume manufacturing and our customers range from internationally recognized industrial companies to specialized OEM’s. Our clients highly benefit from our unique blend of knowledge and skills gained over many years of industrial manufacturing.

Gratemetal has progressed through a process of continual improvement and technological advancement which puts it at the forefront of its chosen service of custom manufacturing & fabrication. One of our key to success has been our ability to become a reliable extension of our clients business and a solid partner in their overall product development cycle, leaving them to concentrate on their own core skills knowing that their job is well taken care of.

Gratemetal has vast experience and sound infrastructure to manufacture various products for companies across various industries, which allows them to focus on their core competencies, marketing and selling their products. With our advanced skill sets, we focus on optimizing production, reducing costs and managing the intricacies of running a fully functioning factory.

Metal Fabrication

Gratemetal is specialized in the fabrication of finished products made of sheet metal, tube and pipe. We can offer you a wide range of metal stamping, turning, machining, welding, assembling & finishing services  from concept, to feasibility, to design, to production, to best in class deliverable's.


We pride ourselves in being one of the best growing metal fabrication companies based in India. Although our customer base is predominantly in the India, we have grown and expanded our client base globally and now have clients in the international markets as well. With an extensive range of machines and equipment at our disposal, Gratemetal is able to execute wide range of manufacturing processes as below:

Stamping (Regular & Progressive)

Welding (MIG &   TIG)

CNC Turning & Machining

Sheet Metal Fabrication 

Surface Finishing   (Grind & Polish)

Assembly (Riveting & Pressing)

From "Start To Part" Gratemetal delivers the complete solution

Our Core Competencies

Smart Factory and Lean Manufacturing


Superior quality control,  bespoke automation, low inventory level and less wastage

On-Time Delivery and

Lower Lead Time


Best in time delivery schedule, lower lead time & higher output,

all at accessible prices

 Reliable Network of 

Vendors & Suppliers


Vast network of strong and active suppliers mean quality raw materials and faster production

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