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Gratemetal provides an extensive range of fasteners suitable for our full range of Grating clips and Cabletray clamps. We also provide other standard and speciality fasteners for specific projects. We have built an outstanding reputation and we have developed vast experience in fulfilling industrial fastener requirements. See how our fastener range can serve your daily applications and your most critical engineering project challenges.

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Grating Fasteners

Grating fasteners comprises of all types of fasteners like bolt, screw, nut, washer, stud etc that are used and supplied in conjunction with the primary grating clips. Gratemetal supplies all grating clips along with required fasteners as a set, assembled or dissembled. Explore our grating fasteners here.

Other Fasteners

Apart from off-the-shelf grating fasteners, Gratemetal also supplies an extensive range of standard as well as specialty fasteners to serve a variety of industries. From a mere screw to large machined fasteners, we can provide bespoke fastening solutions for your projects. Have a look here.

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