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Grating Handle

Grating handle is an ideal solution for lifting FRP / GRP Grating plates, covered gratings as well as Checkered grating panels. Gratemetal offers specially designed Heavy Duty handle that provides easy grip & superior lifting capacity for the grating panel. These fiberglass grating accessories are available in Stainless steel material grade.

Assembly: Stainless steel grating handle comprises of top handle plate, bottom support plate & suitable bolts. The top plate is recessed and fits flush with the solid grating top.

Installation: For installing grating handle on the FRP grating profile, a cavity equal to the size of the recessed portion of the top handle plate has to be cut on the grating and placed on it. The bottom support plate goes underside and is then fastened to it with the help of the supplied bolts.

Technical Specifications:

  • Item/Type:  Grating Accessories / Grating Handle

  • Material GradeStainless steel AISI 304 or 316

  • Finish: Mill or Polished

  • Fits FRP Grating TypeCovered grating plate, Checkered plate

  • Fits Grating Height25mm onwards

  • Cutting: Required

  • IncludesMounting bolts x 4 nos

  • Package quantity: 100 sets of Grating Handle

  • Recommended quantity: 1 Grating Handle/ Grating Panel

For How to order, Product codes & Sizing guide  > Grating Handle Data Sheet


Discover what makes Gratemetal your ultimate choice for Grating Handle in the market. At Gratemetal, we are dedicated to offering you customized solutions for your project. Contact us & help us find you a perfect fixing solution for your gratings.

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