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W Clip

Gratemetal provides W Clip of two types, namely Dome washer clip & Recessed washer clip for securing a wide range of FRP Grating types & sizes. Our W clips can be used with standard square & rectangle mesh gratings as well as with Mini & Micro mesh grating profiles. W clips are also a great match for holding down fiberglass grit plates, checkered plates and covered fiberglass grating. W clips can be used in conjunction with Gratemetal bottom clamps when you cant access to the bottom of the grating floor. 


1. Dome washer clip:  The round dome washer clips can be fixed directly to the substrate. Its dome shape design & recessed centre that allows the bolt to sit flush with it helps in reducing trip hazards. The larger surface area of dome washer clip offers better stability & superior holding capacity for a longer period of time and is therefore suitable in areas of heavy loads & regular passage of vehicles.

2. Recessed washer clipThe round recessed washer clip offers a flush surface design which can be directly fixed to the substrate. These round recessed washer clips are medium-duty clips and are recommended in areas where movement is restricted to the pedestrians only.

Assembly & Installation: W Clip is supplied with suitable countersunk cross-head bolt also called as CSK Philips bolt, nut & washer for fixing FRP gratings directly to the substrate. The length of the bolt corresponds with the height of the grating panel being secured. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Item/Type:  Grating clip / W Clip​

  • Material GradeStainless steel AISI 304 or 316

  • Finish: Mill or Polished

  • Fits FRP Grating Type: Covered grating, Checkered grating, Square /Rectangle/Mini/Micro mesh moulded grating, Pultruded grating

  • Fits Grating Mesh/C2C: 38 x 38, 50 x 50, 25 x 100mm

  • Fits Grating Height: 12mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm & 50 mm

  • Drilling: Required

  • IncludesM6/M8 Countersunk cross-head bolt, nut & washer

  • Package quantity: 100 sets of W Clip

  • Recommended quantity: 4 W clips / sq.meter of grating

For How to order, Product codes & Sizing guide  > W Clip Data Sheet


Discover what makes Gratemetal your ultimate choice for W clip in the market.

At Gratemetal, we are dedicated to offering you customized solutions for your project. Contact us & help us find you a perfect fixing solution for your gratings.

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