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Grating Accessories

Grating clamps provided by Gratemetal are used to secure FRP/GRP grating panels together & to hold them with the base support members. We also provide Grating handles & hinges for chequered & covered gratings. These FRP Grating accessories are available in Stainless steel material grade.

Grating type: Moulded, Pultruded & Covered.

Grating size: 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 38mm & 50mm.

Grating clamp type: M clip, C clip, L clip, G clip & more.

Grating clamps
Grating clamp

Gratemetal manufactures Grating clamps that offers a cost-effective method of securing steel gratings. We provide an extensive range of Grating clamps in mild/carbon steel grade with hot-dip galvanized coating suitable for a variety of bearing bar centres & depths.

Grating type: Press-locked, Welded, Riveted etc. 

Grating size: Bar centres 30-60mm & depth upto 50mm

Grating clamp type: Top saddle clip, Bottom clamp & more.

Gratemetal provides numerous means of securing GRP cable trays and ladders to the support structure with bespoke mounting accessories. Gratemetal cable tray fixing accessories are available in Stainless steel 304 & 316 options that are ideal for use with all standard GRP Cable tray & ladder profiles.

Cable tray size: For height 25mm to 150mm & multiple widths.

Fixing type: Hold-down clip, Cover clamp, Splice plate etc.

grating clamps
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Gratemetal offers various fastener options for all types of grating clamps & cabletray clamps that are supplied as a set. We also provide other standard as well as non-standard fasteners to suit customer-specific requirements.

Fastener type: Bolt, Screw, nut, washer, rods, strut channel  etc

Fastener size: As required.

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