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One place,
Limitless Solutions
For FRP & Steel 
Grating Clips

Skillfully designed, Superior quality Grating clips, Cable tray clamps & Fasteners

at accessible prices for FRP/Steel Gratings & GRP Cable trays

FRP Grating Clips

Gratemetal offers a wide range of Stainless steel Grating clips suitable for Moulded as well as Pultruded Gratings having a variety of pitches, heights & end-applications.

Steel Grating Clips

Gratemetal provides a wide range of Grating clips for Steel bar gratings. The grating clips are supplied in Mild steel & Galvanized material grade along with suitable fasteners.

GRP Cabletray Clamps

Gratemetal has a wide array of fixing clips for Perforated as well as Ladder-type GRP Cable trays. These accessories are available in Stainless steel material along with suitable fasteners.

Fixings Fasteners

Gratemetal supplies fasteners of required type and sizes as a set along with the grating clips and cable tray clamps as well as separately to

suit any individual


Gratemetal provides superior quality products & services. We have the capacity and expertise to handle small and large orders with utmost flexibility of delivering on time and at accessible prices.

About Us

Established in the year 1992, in Mumbai, India, we at ‘Gratemetal’, have devoted ourselves towards manufacturing & supplying the finest range of Grating clips, Cable tray clamps & offering customized manufacturing services across the globe. 


As the world’s prominent manufacturer of the Grating clips & Cable tray clamps, we have a proven track record in delivering superior quality & customized fixing solutions to the industry at an accessible price. Our range of quality accessories & tools, customization facility, mass production ability & prompt service has helped us to deliver Grating clips & Cable tray clamps to various industries across the globe.


Our company has diversified & expanded in the past few years to become a world leader in offering an extensive range of unmatched products & services to suit a broad variety of applications & projects in various industries.

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